【是化】【这一】【些真】【极快】【了口】'Copperfield, ma'am,' I said.【全是】【在同】【脚凝】【有大】【则才】One afternoon, when we were all harassed into a state of dire confusion, and Mr. Creakle was laying about him dreadfully, Tungay came in, and called out in his usual strong way: 'Visitors for Copperfield!'【只能】【着柱】【泛泛】【重生】【恨啊】【的这】Chapter 3

【境整】【乎有】【了尽】【嘎断】【标衍】'A new one,' said Peggotty.【元素】【足以】【我们】【心起】【意回】'Now, boys, this is a new half. Take care what you're about, in this new half. Come fresh up to the lessons, I advise you, for I come fresh up to the punishment. I won't flinch. It will be of no use your rubbing yourselves; you won't rub the marks out that I shall give you. Now get to work, every boy!'【脑再】【来呜】【来兵】【这竟】【也张】【一倍】He brought me some chops, and vegetables, and took the covers off in such a bouncing manner that I was afraid I must have given him some offence. But he greatly relieved my mind by putting a chair for me at the table, and saying, very affably, 'Now, six-foot! come on!' 【之内】【而出】【量从】【界几】【睁开】'Yes, yes, Master Davy,' said Peggotty. 'She's come home. Wait a bit, Master Davy, and I'll - I'll tell you something.'【思七】【两段】【和的】【到攻】【来你】'Well, but I really do wonder, ma'am,' said Peggotty.【下留】【不能】【的凝】【面上】【界并】【只差】'There is no time,' answered Mr. Mell, rising, 'like the present.'

【次开】【一个】【都是】【奠定】【下要】'She was never well,' said Peggotty, 'for a long time. She was uncertain in her mind, and not happy. When her baby was born, I thought at first she would get better, but she was more delicate, and sunk a little every day. She used to like to sit alone before her baby came, and then she cried; but afterwards she used to sing to it - so soft, that I once thought, when I heard her, it was like a voice up in the air, that was rising away.【经触】【瞬间】【度很】【不了】【过也】I really thought she was, she had been so short with me; but I was quite mistaken: for she laid aside her work (which was a stocking of her own), and opening her arms wide, took my curly head within them, and gave it a good squeeze. I know it was a good squeeze, because, being very plump, whenever she made any little exertion after she was dressed, some of the buttons on the back of her gown flew off. And I recollect two bursting to the opposite side of the parlour, while she was hugging me.【破脸】【其他】【的就】【怎么】【过来】【好像】'Her learning!' said Ham.

【胸口】【金界】【他的】【过于】【的怨】Peggotty darned away at a stocking as long as she could see, and then sat with it drawn on her left hand like a glove, and her needle in her right, ready to take another stitch whenever there was a blaze. I cannot conceive whose stockings they can have been that Peggotty was always darning, or where such an unfailing supply of stockings in want of darning can have come from. From my earliest infancy she seems to have been always employed in that class of needlework, and never by any chance in any other.【缩能】【尊超】【方圆】【时一】【在宫】'I'm one of the masters at Salem House,' he said.【前是】【敛了】【然停】【移动】【站在】【片刻】I thought of the oddest things. Of the shape of the room, of the cracks in the ceiling, of the paper on the walls, of the flaws in the window-glass making ripples and dimples on the prospect, of the washing-stand being rickety on its three legs, and having a discontented something about it, which reminded me of Mrs. Gummidge under the influence of the old one. I was crying all the time, but, except that I was conscious of being cold and dejected, I am sure I never thought why I cried. At last in my desolation I began to consider that I was dreadfully in love with little Em'ly, and had been torn away from her to come here where no one seemed to want me, or to care about me, half as much as she did. This made such a very miserable piece of business of it, that I rolled myself up in a corner of the counterpane, and cried myself to sleep.【低位】【而后】【一肢】【彩斑】【她有】'Pray let us be friends,' said my mother, 'I couldn't live under coldness or unkindness. I am so sorry. I have a great many defects, I know, and it's very good of you, Edward, with your strength of mind, to endeavour to correct them for me. Jane, I don't object to anything. I should be quite broken-hearted if you thought of leaving -' My mother was too much overcome to go on.【物都】【逼近】【的至】【瞳虫】【等于】'Silence yourself,' said Steerforth, turning red. 'Whom are you talking to?'【五百】【频频】【们之】【这是】【黑暗】【一整】'But what's she to do while we're away?' said I, putting my small elbows on the table to argue the point. 'She can't live by herself.'【何的】【后化】【的神】【本没】【形是】'Deny that he is a beggar, Steerforth?' cried Mr. Creakle. 'Why, where does he go a-begging?'【片数】【军舰】【凭空】【的气】【咕一】No. There was nobody. I looked anxiously around; but the inquiry made no impression on any of the bystanders, if I except a man in gaiters, with one eye, who suggested that they had better put a brass collar round my neck, and tie me up in the stable.【让我】【血色】【珠冲】【定会】【中有】【出火】'Peggotty!' said I, quite frightened. 'What's the matter?'【种情】【读只】【巨响】【他们】【也是】Peggotty began to be less with us, of an evening, than she had always been. My mother deferred to her very much - more than usual, it occurred to me - and we were all three excellent friends; still we were different from what we used to be, and were not so comfortable among ourselves. Sometimes I fancied that Peggotty perhaps objected to my mother's wearing all the pretty dresses she had in her drawers, or to her going so often to visit at that neighbour's; but I couldn't, to my satisfaction, make out how it was.【胜利】【消失】【出胜】【不对】【颈骨】'Ah!' said Mr. Barkis, with a nod of his head.【在想】【有生】【微缩】【在镇】【片我】【的向】'Then he said I was mean, and then he said I was base, and then I called him a beggar. If I had been cool, perhaps I shouldn't have called him a beggar. But I did, and I am ready to take the consequences of it.';【我相】【以及】【来一】【后一】【色骤】'But what's she to do while we're away?' said I, putting my small elbows on the table to argue the point. 'She can't live by herself.'【机甲】【尊就】【眼微】【骨王】【完全】I asked her, and looked curiously at her, because she looked so curiously at me.【明以】【会这】【后狠】【行变】【盏金】【形成】'There's half a pint of ale for you. Will you have it now?'

【地这】【务自】【地阴】【来就】【就像】'I am a determined character,' said Mr. Creakle. 'That's what I am. I do my duty. That's what I do. My flesh and blood' - he looked at Mrs. Creakle as he said this - 'when it rises against me, is not my flesh and blood. I discard it. Has that fellow' - to the man with the wooden leg -'been here again?'【留了】【有一】【推衍】【死人】【有六】'I thought you were his father!'【敌的】【画面】【中射】【地覆】【围两】【样好】Whether it was the following Sunday when I saw the gentleman again, or whether there was any greater lapse of time before he reappeared, I cannot recall. I don't profess to be clear about dates. But there he was, in church, and he walked home with us afterwards. He came in, too, to look at a famous geranium we had, in the parlour-window. It did not appear to me that he took much notice of it, but before he went he asked my mother to give him a bit of the blossom. She begged him to choose it for himself, but he refused to do that - I could not understand why - so she plucked it for him, and gave it into his hand. He said he would never, never part with it any more; and I thought he must be quite a fool not to know that it would fall to pieces in a day or two.