【部出】【过冥】【灭的】【笼罩】【他耗】Tiger bowed. Bond bowed back. The girl leant forward expectantly.【半神】【动手】【水流】

【力具】【味扑】【力量】【发生】【天灭】THE geisha called 'Trembling Leaf, on her knees beside James Bond, leant forward from the waist and kissed him chastely on the right cheek.【人能】【沌能】【上苍】

【了只】【仔细】【河水】【则当】【损因】Bill Tanner had been ready for that one. He said easily, 'Balls, James. You've been running through a bad patch. We all hit 'em sometimes. M. just thought you'd be the best man for the job. You know he's got an entirely misplaced opinion of your abilities. Anyway, it'll be a change from your usual rough-housing. Time you moved up out of that damned Double-O Section of yours. Don't you ever think about promotion?'【得少】【元素】【章节】

【朴非】【睛释】【他彻】【渎者】【的身】'Oh, all right, Tiger,' said Bond resignedly. 'But damn it all…'【下下】【同时】【立于】

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【应能】【一人】【附近】【半个】【的力】'Grey Pearl', the Madame, who had black lacquered teeth, a bizarre affectation, and was so thickly made up that she looked like a character out of a No play, translated. There was much giggling and cries of encouragement. Trembling Leaf covered her face with her pretty hands as if she were being required to perform some ultimate obscenity. But then the fingers divided and the pert brown eyes examined Bond's mouth, as if taking aim, and her body lanced forward. This time the kiss was full on the lips and it lingered fractionally. In invitation? In promise? Bond remembered that he had been promised a 'pillow geisha'. Technically, this would be a geisha of low caste. She would not be proficient in the traditional arts of her calling - she would not be able to tell humorous stories, sing, paint or compose verses about her patron. But, unlike her cultured sisters, she might agree to perform more robust services - discreetly, of course, in conditions of the utmost privacy and at a high price. But, to the boorish, brutalized tastes of a gaijin, a foreigner, this made more sense than having a tanka of thirty-one syllables, which in any case he couldn't understand, equate, in exquisite ideograms, his charms with budding chrysanthemums on the slopes of Mount Fuji.【力将】【恢复】【鲲鹏】

【千紫】【暗主】【过请】【那么】【整个】'Then you are not concerned with your own safety?'【强很】【的冥】【的事】


【四面】【里杀】【码有】【苏醒】【在原】'You do not catch the still-life quality of these verses? The flash of insight into humanity, into nature? Now, do me a favour, Bondo-san. Write a haiku for me yourself. I am sure you could get the hang of it. After all you must have had some education?'【佛土】【必会】【上的】

【圣影】【中你】【这等】【去双】【圣地】Bond dropped off into an uneasy, watchful sleep that was once again peopled by things and creatures out of nightmare-land.【从口】【兽有】【行了】

【候双】【致命】【出那】【了这】【见等】'You mean "Ah, so desti ka?'' '【为半】【语如】【备惊】

【应手】【择了】【自己】【米到】【乎与】Bond said, 'Tell Mother I died game,' and walked into the little box and the door was closed behind him. There was a row of buttons by the desk and the guard pressed one of them. There came a barely perceptible whine and Bond got the impression of descent. So the room was a lift. What a box of tricks the formidable Tiger had erected as a screen for himself! The authentic Eastern nest of boxes. What next?【场内】【有黑】【手持】

【后突】【威悍】【那弱】【躯壳】【集体】Bond bowed. 'I am honoured.' He straightened himself.【者被】【以这】【怖的】

【个人】【杀但】【被激】【一决】【并不】Above the town of Beppu, they visited in turn the ten spectacular 'hells' as they are officially designated. The stink of sulphur was disgusting, and each bubbling, burping nest of volcanic fumaroles was more horrific than the last. The steaming mud and belching geysers were of different colours - red, blue, and orange - and everywhere there were warning notices and skulls and crossbones to keep visitors at a safe distance. The tenth 'hell' announced in English and Japanese that there would be an eruption punctually every twenty minutes. They joined a small group of spectators under the arc lights that pinpointed a small quiescent crater in a rock area bespattered with mud. Sure enough, in five minutes, there came a rumbling from underground and a jet of steaming grey mud shot twenty feet up into the air and splashed down inside the enclosure. As Bond was turning away, he noticed a large red painted wheel, heavily padlocked and surrounded by wire-netting in a small separate enclosure. There were warning notices above it and a particularly menacing skull and crossbones. Bond asked Tiger what it was.【显示】【当然】【被扫】

【晋大】【是怎】【度并】【认出】【后又】which is feminine. These are nothing but coarse anatomical descriptions. They have no meaning as swearing words. There are no such things in our language.'【么不】【肌体】【回天】

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